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Learn more about Aratell Metalurgica

Our story

    Aratell Metalúrgica was founded in 1962, but its history begins even before its formal foundation. It was the first company of the group and emerged from the times of production of flanges for producers of gas cylinders. The company evolved, developed and started the production of other components until it started its own production of cylinders for LPG, and today it is one of the largest manufacturers in the country.

    With the development of the company, several machines and equipment were acquired and updated, and today  the industrial park of Aratell Metalúrgica is composed of the most up-to-date technologies with laser cutting, automated robots, and state-of-the-art machining centers.

    Today Aratell Metalurgica produces components for other industries such as Loudspeakers and is looking for new projects for other branches of the national industry.. Bring us your need; we will certainly be able to assist in the solution of the most varied demands, whether in the technical area, production and even logistics.


    Our divisions are proof that we have great adaptability and vision of the future.


    Visit our other divisions and see! 

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